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The Beauty of Listing Your Home this Summer!

29 June 2020
Ela Napiorkowski

Its been a different Real Estate Market this year, dealing with the implications of Covid-19, and its effect on our health, communities, real estate and the economy as a whole. However, with the Ontario Government’s Stage 2 Implementation, the Real Estate market has regained its momentum and has become active once again. What was a quiet start to the spring market, has now blossomed into a busy summer market. I myself, a Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX Professionals Inc., continue to adhere and follow all strict safety measures & protocols during Covid-19 with my clients, whether physically listing or showing homes, or offering many virtual marketing tools to help promote properties effectively during this Stage 2 of the economic re-opening.

Summer has finally arrived! But did you know that Thirty to Forty per cent of homes sell during the summer months? Now during Covid-19, with more employers offering work from home options, a lot more people have the time required to get their properties onto the summer market. Listing your property on the market this summer could potentially mean more interest with more showings, more offers and a better sale price of your home in the long run.

For those thinking of, or looking to sell their properties this summer, let me, Ela Napiorkowski, Broker, provide you with this Easy go-to list of what sellers should specifically be focusing on, if they have not already, to get their homes prepped and ready to get listed this summer.

1. Curb Appeal Is at its Highest

One of the fastest ways to boost the value of your home is to increase its curb appeal, peaking highest in the summertime. Homes look at their upmost best in summer, when the lawns are freshly cut, the trees are fully green, the flowers have bloomed, patios are warm and cozy, the pools look pristine and inviting; a time where we can take advantage of the much longer evenings, giving us longer natural light for evening showings.

Just a few landscaping fixes, such as strategically placed flowerbeds and well-trimmed shrubs & branches can make your home draw a lot more interest. Also, maintaining a polished look with welcoming accents, such as a welcome mat and adding a few potted plants on the steps enhances a feeling of warmth and invitation.

2. More Time!

With Summer being one of the most popular seasons for people to take their vacation time, and with more people now having the option of working from home during Covid-19, it is a good time to take advantage of placing your home for sale. And keep in mind that Summer has the added benefit of having the longest sunshine hours and most long weekends, which allows you more time to properly list your home, talk to buyers, draw up offers, and actually sell your house.

Selling your home is hard work! For most people, it's the single largest purchase they'll ever make. That's why it's worthwhile focusing on the details of selling your home because you'll want the most return on your investment.

3. Use the Time to Renovate! Make it Fresh & Bright.

What better way to spend a lot of time off during the summer weekends then using the extra time to fix up your home and get it Listing-Ready! Use the weekends off or extra vacation time off to repair items that have been on your list of things to do, such as repairing the roof, giving your kitchen or bathrooms a face lift, adding a fresh coat of paint to the rooms and hallways. These things will definitely improve the resale value of your home in the long run.

Ask yourself if the color on the walls and cabinets are too dark? Does wallpaper need to be removed? Are window treatments dated and heavy? Are the carpets worn out and need replacing? Do hardwood floors need polishing? If you answered yes to any of these, then now is a great time to replace and brighten things up around the house.

4. Less Is More!

The Final Touch Now is to Create the ‘Wow Factor’. Keep in mind that buyers still need to emotionally connect by envisioning how their furnishings will look in the space. Complete the look with strategically placed furniture paired with colorful and inviting accents that will make a lasting impression. And as the saying goes “Less is More”. Remove as many unneeded items as possible. Summer is an amazing time and opportunity to host a few yard and garage sales to Declutter! Keep in mind, if your home needs a bit of an upgrade on furniture and accents, speak to your Real Estate Agent regarding Staging and Decluttering options, including Virtual ones which cost a fraction of the price!

5. For Sale!

Placing your home For Sale during this beautiful Summer may be a great decision. More people are out and about, taking leisurely strolls and jogs, or just taking a cruise around the neighbourhood. This increased activity will make your "For Sale" sign visible to far more people. With longer sunny days, kids being home from school and vacations being taken, more folks may prefer moving in during the Summer months, before a new school schedule begins, and families have an opportunity to adjust to their new surroundings before the Fall.

These are my 5 tips to help get you started in prepping your home for a successful summer sale.

If you are looking to sell or buy a home, please call me, Ela Napiorkowski, your Real Estate Broker for RE/MAX Professionals Inc. Brokerage, (416) 841-2356, as I am an experienced real estate broker in the GTA market, and am adamant about my clients’ health and safety during these challenging times. Not only will we accomplish what you need to, but we will do it in the safest way for all involved.