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It's all about relationships with your Realtor

01 October 2019
Ela Napiorkowski

A good relationship with your real estate agent brings you to a better home purchasing experience.

The relationship between home buyers and real estate agents has changed dramatically from even a generation ago.  Time was that a home buyer could see an advertisement in the newspaper or see an actual sign on a property or walk into an open house down the street.  They could then make a quick call to the real estate agency, during operating hours, on the listing and gather a few important pieces of information and then move on anonymously in their search.   The technology that is available today has changed the way consumers purchase and this, to a degree, includes purchasing a property.  Home buyers can look up listings online, and then text or email real estate agents within moments.   Let me, Ela Napiorkowski, sales representative for RE/MAX Professionals Inc.., Brokerage (416) 841-2356 share some of the key points of a relationship with your agent.

From the Perspective of the Real Estate Agent

Many real estate agents today, who are usually independent, commission-only contractors, invest vast amounts of time on potential home buyers.  They may spend many hours showing properties and driving buyers around for many days and or weeks to help them with their property search.  It might be that the home buyers put an offer in or ask for a property inspection. This is all done through the real estate agent and the agent’s time is unpaid.  The home buyer can then decide to back out.  There is the chance that they may continue with a purchase of a property from the same agent or they may not.  This can lead to agents investing many hours and then feeling as if they were not valued.  This is especially true if the buyer is not heard from again.

Real estate agents are in the business of selling properties and it goes without saying that every time a client engages an agent is not a guaranteed sale.  The sales agent will do their best to spend time understanding the needs of the buyers and that includes driving them to many different showings.  Some home buyers delight in the time that the agent is spending on them and with them.  They are well-meaning but may not understand that this is valuable time and resources that the agent is putting forth on their behalf.

What is a buyer to do?

Buying a home is not a quick, over night process.  The first step should be to research and obtain financing approval.  Then it takes many hours of researching the online listings, speaking with an agent and then come the property tours.  After the search has found that perfect property the next step is the home inspection and then if all goes correctly, the offer.  This process can be quite time consuming, taking from a few months up to a year. 

A home buyer must feel comfortable and confident with the agent they chose and that might not be the first agent they meet.  Be truthful in your expectations and if you do not feel comfortable early on, it is time to seek another agent.  Referrals for a local agent are a great place to start.

Buying a property is a team effort, the buyer and the real estate agent working together can enhance the process. Call me, Ela Napiorkowski, sales representative for RE/MAX Professionals Inc.., Brokerage(416) 841-2356    I will be more than happy to assist you with your search for your next property purchase. 

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